Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a specific skill in the field of motion graphics design.

It is basically setting text in motion. Sometimes graphic elements are additionned (eg: illustrations, icons, photos, videos, etc.), thanks to arrival effects, transitions or even deformations.
Historically, kinectic typography was used for film credits (eg: « North by Northwest »), but the development of marketing video has opened up a much wider field. And so, it is also frequently found in music videos (eg: « Excuse-moi » by Philippe Katerine), web design and a lot of motion graphics animations.


Above, you can find some examples of kinetic typography animations I made as part of promoting the Breton language.

These animations focus on modification and distortion of the fonts themselves.

To view more of that kind of animations, go on my Instagram!


Below is another kind of kinetic typography animation.
Here, it is the words and sentences that are animated, without distortion of the font.
The finish must be dynamic and readable. Words’ arrival and transitions are synchronized to the music. And graphic elements or photographs are added to highlight the style of the video (corporate, animated, etc.).