I regularly free up time to carry out personal projects, which are commonly called “Sides Projects” in the design world.

Most often, I created 2D animation, but also kinetic typographyeven paper cut-out animation or more rarely 3D.

These projects are carried out solo or in collaboration with other artists, when the opportunity arises. collaboration avec d’autres artistes, lorsque l’occasion se présente.


The goal is both to work on subjects that are important to me and to try new motion graphics techniques or new graphic styles.


This allows me to learn and progress in a different setting from those I usually work.

Eventually, this often has a significant and positive impact on my professional work.


Obviously, a big majority of my Side Projects shows Brittany, its culture, its language and its heritage.

Sometimes through kinetic typographies and more often through small 2D animations representing a scene or an anecdote about Brittany.


But I also take the opportunity to participate in creative challenges. One exemple, is my participation in the famous Motiontober.

You can see below, all of the videos I made for the 2023 edition.

Motiontober 2023

The Motiontober ?


It’s a creative challenge that takes place every year in October and is directly inspired by Inktober.


As a reminder, Inktober is an artistic challenge launched in 2009 by the American Jake Parker. Each year, in October, all creative people around the world are invited to create a drawing, an illustration or even lettering, once a day. A list of themes is edited before the challenge.

The main goal is to encourage artists to draw and improve their skills.


Motiontober has the same purpose but using motion graphics et de l’animation quelle qu’elle soit (animation 2D, 3D, stop motion, vidéo…).

It was created in 2019 by Qimono, a French animation studio.


This year was my first participation.
I decided to participate in the entire challenge, which is not obligatory, of course.

A quick bonus: I also participated in a wonderful collaboration on the theme Friends (day 23).

Each participant had to make a character crossing the street, as a tribute to the Beatles on the cover of their famous album “Abbey Road”.


Personally, I did not produce a walk cycle, since I was responsible for producing the kinetic typography animation on the top of this album cover.


For the occasion, I created my first real custom typeface and I loved that.


A real pleasure to participate in this wonderful collaboration.