Exploit the power of Territorial Marketing
to boost your visibility
thanks to motion design.

Starting today, stand out from the crowd with a tailor-made motion design that will make your regional identity shine.

My clients

Also: Historica Canada, Wondermall, WalletHub, TravBook, Crenova, Gaudium, Fanatee, MarginNote…

According to a Deloitte study, companies that invested in territorial marketing generates 19% more turnover.

Vidéo en motion design 2D - démarquez-vous - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

I struggle to stand out
from the competition

You may have already tried different communication strategies but failed to stand out


Territorial Marketing allows you to stand out and strengthen your presence in a distinctive way. 60% of consumers said they were more inclined to buy products from a local or regional brand (Nielsen study).


It has also been shown that personalized regional advertising campaigns are twice as effective as generic national campaigns (étude Geoscape).

Vidéo en motion design 2D - augmentez la fidélité de vos clients - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

I'm having difficulty
mes clients

You want to have a real impact on the development and growth of your territory, but this requires building loyalty among your customers and they tend to turn to the highest bidder.


Territorial Marketing makes it possible providing specific experiences and offers, which promotes customer loyalty.


Businesses using a personalized and regional marketing strategy saw a 36% increase in customer loyalty (BIA/Kesley study).

Vidéo en motion design 2D - réduisez vos dépenses - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

I am looking to optimize my marketing expenses

You know that marketing is important but you do not allow a consequent budget to it or you even think that it is not a big deal not to invest.


By focusing on specific markets, you can optimize your marketing expenses.


Moreover, companies that invested in territorial marketing reduced their marketing costs by 15%,while increasing their turnover by 19% (Forrester Research study).

A custom video solution to boost your business

Maximize the impact of your message with motion graphics that captivate and set you apart from the competition. Boost your branding with a communication that suits you, meets your needs and allows you to show everyone your commitment to your territory.

Vidéo en motion design 2D - augmentez votre visibilité - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

Increase your visibility

My motion graphics videos will allow you to capture and retain the attention of your interlocutor and to amplify your message.


The assimilation of the information you want to give them will be better. Result? Increased visibility and a number of customers that explode.


Using videos increases the traffic of a web page by 80% and generates 1200% more shares than a text with image on social networks (Hubspot study).

Vidéo en motion design 2D - faites passer le bon message - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

Send the right message

I help you highlight your attachment to your territory and to use this identity to serve your business.


The motion graphics video that I will create for you will attest to your commitment and your investment in your territory.


A video allows companies to create stronger relationships with their customers and using territorial marketing in his communication strategy contributes to an increase of customer loyalty by 15 to 20% (Gartner study).

Vidéo en motion design 2D - faites le bon investissement - Spered Production Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

the right way

I support you from start to finish in the creative process of your tailor-made Motion Graphics video for an impactful and effective result.


By using targeted communication on your presence and your territorial commitment, your company will optimize its marketing expenses.


A company can save up to 50% of its marketing budget by using a regional marketing approach rather than a national or international one (BIA/Kelsey study).

My services

Highlight your company, your service, your product or your project with modern and dynamic communication thanks to a tailor-made motion graphics video.


Do you want an explainer or a teaser? A video for your conference or your exhibition? Motion graphics meet your needs.

Make your brand unforgettable with an exceptional animated logo, which you can use on everywhere.


Do you want to highlight your corporate identity? Motion graphics is the perfect solution to meet your expectations.

Stand out with an original animation and reinforce your branding on social networks with a personalized sticker.


Captivate your audience and increase your engagement with dynamic and engaging visual content.

Also: film post-production; subtitling; animations for social networks...


My process

Icône représentant un brief - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


We discuss about your needs and the message you want to deliver

Icône représentant un script - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


This is the scenario of the video: we define the story that will be told (the number of shots and their order, the texts present on the screen, the content of the voice-over)

Icône représentant un moodboard - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


Inspirational graphic trend board allowing you to choose the atmosphere and graphic style of the video

Icône représentant un storyboard - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


It is the transposition of the script to the visual state. Key shots of the video are illustrated and annotations specify the animation intentions

Icône représentant une illustration - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


Realization of graphic elements and illustrations for the animation part

Icône représentant une animatique - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


Basic animation of the different shots with the voice-over and/or music. It allows you to check out the animation’s timing and if the connections are relevant

Icône représentant une animation - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


Animation of the differents assets, following the script, the storyboard and the voice-over or chosen music

Icône représentant du sound design - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin

8.Sound Design

Adjustment of the background music and addition of sound design to energize and accentuate the animation

Icône représentant une livraison - Spered Production, studio d'animation 2D à Rennes Bretagne - Lenaig Cousin


The final is edited and exported. Final adjustments are made, if necessary.
All you have to do is spread it!

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My last works

Who I am

I am Lenaïg Cousin, motion graphics designer since 2016 and 100% Breton.


After a few experiences in agencies and startups, I set up my own animation studio in Rennes 3 years ago.


Deeply attached to Brittany and committed to its language, culture and heritage, I created an Instagram page where I highlight our beautiful region, through kinetic typography animations in Breton language and 2D motion graphics animations about Brittany.


This personal investment helps to promote the Breton language on social networks and I hope, on my scale, on the web in general.

Today, I pursue this commitment in my professional life thanks to my job as a motion graphics designer, which allows me to promote Breton companies in a modern and dynamic way, using tailor-made videos.


My mission is to make you a reference in your market by highlighting your regional identity, a real asset nowadays.

Ready to become a reference in your market thanks to your territorial identity?

Tell me your story and we will create a tailor-made motion design just for you, which suits you, meets your needs and promotes your territorial identity throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Find below the answers to the questions frequently asked by people wishing to invest in a motion graphics video.

Do you have a question that is not on this list?

Contact me.

What is the price for a motion graphics video?

The price of your motion graphics video depends on several criteria, such as the duration of the video, the complexity of the animations, the graphic style, the technique used, the use of a voice-over, the production time, the level of expertise required…


As your motion graphics video is tailor-made specifically to respond to your problem, I always offer a free discovery call so that we can discuss your needs and desires and also what can be proposed according to your budget.


Pour en savoir plus sur les critères pris en compte dans l’établissement de votre devis, lisez cet article.

How long does it take to create a motion graphics video?

The completion time depends on the type of project you choose and its complexity.

For a logo animation or simple kinetic typography, I deliver to you in 3 days maximum.

For an explainer, the deadline will be a minimum of one month (including the necessary exchange and validation times).

I have an urgent need, is it possible to speed up production?

Yes, indeed. It is possible for me to respond to this request but this will have a significant impact on the price of the motion graphics video.


However, I advise you not to speed up the process and to anticipate your demand because producing a motion graphics video requires time for reflection and validation.

Can I come with my script and/or storyboard?

Yes, you can perfectly come with your own script, as well as your storyboard if you wish to take care of this part of the process. The quote will be adapted in consequence.

On which channels can I broadcast my motion graphics video?

A motion graphics video can be broadcasted on numerous channels, such as your website and your social networks but also on any other video medium.


The appropriate format (size and export format) will be chosen at the start of the project depending on the channel(s) on which you wish to distribute your motion graphics video.

What are your payment terms?

You will be charged a 50% deposit before the start of the project. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of the video (unless special conditions mentioned in the contract).

What is the advantage of working with a freelance motion graphics designer?

Working with a freelancer rather than an agency offers several advantages.

The price of your motion graphics video will generally be lower. It is also an advantage because a freelancer will be more flexible and reactive. You have privileged contact and direct communication with a single person: there is therefore no loss of time or information between different intermediaries and your project will benefit from special attention and responsiveness.