Video editing

All the videos for phone applications were realized during my collaboration with the advertising agency Apptamin.


The goal was to combine motion design, video editing and special effects to promote the apps.
In the videos above, most of the special effects consist in cleaning up the rushes registered in the phone app, in order to present its operation.
Then, the footage is edited to explain this functioning.
At last, the video is brought out with motion graphics to galvanize the entire/whole video: we add kinetic typography, we point out specific features of the app (zoom, tap, highlight…). In conclusion, we work to make the video entertaining and attractive.


The Super Mario Bros video is a video tracking exercise.


Motion tracking is a skill that consists in analyzing the movements and trajectories of an object or a specific point in a video, in order to apply them to a new graphic element that then will be integrated into the video. Here, the graphic elements are blocks and pipes, but it can be a title, another image/picture or even something animated in 3D.